Small Project in Chicago
We planted a Maple Tree,
Hydrangea Annabelle,
Hostas, Scotch moss
Stepables ground cover as

Space in the city is a
factor but with a good
idea and a design you can
achieve a " nice, fun and
relaxed landscaping right
on your own yard".
Large Hardscape
Installation Project, on
west suburb of Chicago, we
installed  Unilock pavers
and Rockwood retaining
wall blocks.
1-Landscape Design:
We will blend your ideas, desires and our recommendations to
produce a design to fit your needs.

2-Landscape Construction:   We work with Natural Stone and
Manufactured Paver Bricks:
to install Paver Patios, Walkways
Driveways, Front Entrances, Parking Lots, Rooftop Gardens,
Playgrounds and Retaining Walls.

3-Landscape Installation:
We install Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, Sod, Garden Mix
Soil, Top Soil, Hardwood Mulch, Pine Barks, Decorative Stone and

4-Iron works:
We install fences, gates, hand rails, front entrances and painting.
Check our gallery portfolio
and give us a call for an estimate.
STK Landscaping Inc. Offers the following services:
We Design for new or
existing properties, Small
or large projects.
STK LANDSCAPING INC. Services any size project    
    for Residential     and     Commercial Properties.